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Topic: short essay Hamlet analysis


Directions: Hamlet is, without a doubt, the most popular play in history, having been adapted and acted, having been revised and written on, for over 400 years. The biggest obstacle students have in writing about Hamlet–besides reading the text in Shakespearean English–is that of not plagiarizing
All outside research must be properly documented and pass Turn-it-in’s and your instructor’s measures of originality, accuracy, and fairness.

Please select one of the following topics and write a short essay of 2-3 pages, 500-750 word minimum. Your essay should thoughtfully and thoroughly analyze Hamlet, being informed with concrete evidence and support from our textbook.
You will want to have an engaging introduction with an arguable thesis. Body paragraphs should be organized with topic sentences and transitions, supported with concrete, detailed, and relevant details and evidence. The conclusion should be memorable. Double-space your essay and be sure to proofread it, using Grammarly for the final proofreading, so the grammar is perfect.

Please select one of the topics below for your essay:

1.How does the very first line of Hamlet signal central themes and actions of the play?
2.Use the text to discuss whether the ghost of Hamlet Sr. is religiously neutral, Protestant, or Roman Catholic.
Consider such words as “portent,” “purgatory,” and “hell”—as well as the symbolism of the cock crowing.
3.Look carefully at Prince Hamlet’s advice to the professional players who visit Elsinore. Consider both his thoughts on “the purpose of playing” and his warning about clowns. Compare this to Shakespeare’s own method of drama. Do Hamlet and Hamlet match up?
4.After seeing the ghost, Hamlet tells his friends he will pretend to be mad. Does he ever truly go mad? Defend your answer in the text.
5.Does Ophelia betray Hamlet when she cooperates with her father’s plot to uncover the love that he thinks may cause the Prince’s madness? Justify your answer using textual evidence.
6.Of what deeds can you prove Gertrude is guilty?
7.How old do you think Hamlet is? Why? In Act IV, how old does the play say Hamlet is? Why do the facts usually surprise people?


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