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Topic: Short Reflection Papers


Picking and Choosing Multiple Approaches
– Reading: Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities Chs. 4, 7, 11 (47-66, 113-140, 187-206)

SHORT REFLECTION DUE in class and on Beachboard – What does Anderson believe are the key components of nationalism?

What is the process by which a people/culture/group asserts themselves as a “nation”? What historiographical approaches is he using? How does the interaction between the historical “West” and “East” play into this process?

How would Said’s argument about orientalism interact with the ideas Anderson is putting forth?

Please only use the two sources I have uploaded to answer the questions the 1st sources to answer the 1st 3 questions and the said source to answer the last question and 1st one.

Please cite the correct page number used in the source when answering the question. Please have the correct page number in the paper from the source


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