Topic: sleep journal


Think about what your sleep habits have been like in the past 5 days. Keep track of the following information:

How many hours of sleep do you get per night? What time do you go to sleep? What time do you wake up?
How restful did you experience your sleep being? (e.g. did you wake up throughout the night, feel restless, sleep soundly)
What is your physiological and cognitive state shortly after waking?
What is your physiological and cognitive state in the afternoon?
What stimuli were you exposed to at night that might have an impact on your sleep? (e.g. blue light from devices, alcohol, exercise, stress)
What factors (physical, environmental, behavioral, social) contributed to your decision about when to go to sleep?

Create a graph based on the relationship between at least two of these observations. Do not include day of the week as one of the variables! Instead (for example), you might want to put “hours of sleep” on the X-axis and “morning alertness” on the Y-axis. Then, plot a data point for each of your five observations at the correct X,Y coordinates and interpret the results.

In addition, write a summary of your results. Describe your results using at least 3 terms from class, such as melatonin, period, entrainment, phase shift, circadian rhythm, chronotype, sleep hygiene. What insights can you draw from the data you have collected?

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