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Topic: Social Determinants of Health in Switzerland


This paper helps prepare you for your final assignment by focusing on one content area that you will cover in your presentation. The focus of this paper will the social determinants of health for the country you choose to focus on for your final assignment. You are required to focus on a minimum of 3 social determinants of health for the chosen country.

Your paper is required to be a minimum of 3 pages double spaced and in APA format (cover page, correct in-text citations, reference page, standard font).

Please use these sources

Phil’s stock world: When health insurance works: A look inside switzerland’s healthcare system (2017). . Chatham: Newstex. Retrieved from https://gold.worcester.edu/login?url=https://gold.worcester.edu:3475/docview/1956126765?accountid=29121

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Abel, Thomas, Hofmann, Karen, Schori, & Dominik. (2013, December 20). Social and regional variations in health status and health behaviours among Swiss young adults. Retrieved October 9, 2019, from https://smw.ch/article/doi/smw.2013.13901


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