Topic: social determinants of health


Essay: Compare and contrast the impacts of social determinants of health in the context of HIV/AIDS. To make this comparison, use two of the following social determinants of health and one vulnerable group along with the corresponding countries.

Social determinants of health
• Stigma and discrimination
• Social justice
• Economic condition
• Gender
• Education
• Health care system

Vulnerable groups
• Women – Swaziland vs Australia
• Men who have sex with men (MSM) – South Africa vs Australia
• Sex workers – Thailand vs Australia
• People who use injecting drug – USA vs Australia

The essay should build an argument that demonstrates original thinking and analysis as well as an understanding of different and diverse social and cultural perspectives. You will find it helpful to review the responses prepared to the weekly enquiry focused questions throughout Enquiry 2.
As you progress through Enquiry 2, you will begin to see how several elements of the different topics are associated with one another. You should use this in preparing your response to the essay question.

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