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Topic: Social Epidemiology paper

To prepare:
• Review the “Social Determinants of Health” article (located below as a link and separately as an attachment).
• Use the Walden Library to locate a scholarly article (no older than 3 years of publication) that evaluates social determinants of health in relation to a health issue (located as separate attachments please select ONE article).
• Focus on the data sources used and data collection methods employed for the study found in the scholarly article you selected.

INSTRUCTIONS For this Assignment, write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:
• Provide the APA citation for the study you selected.
• Identify the research question for the study you selected.
• Explain, in your own words, the purpose of the study.
• Identify what type of study design was used by the researchers who published your study.
• Explain, in your own words, what the researcher’s rationale was for using this study design. If a rationale is not provided, explain what you believe is the rationale.
• Identify the health condition(s) the researchers studied.
• Identify the independent variable(s) the researcher(s) investigated.
• Explain how the independent variables you identified relate to the five key domains of the social determinants of health, as well as any other variables they assessed.
• Describe in detail the participants of the study and the selection criteria.
• Explain the type(s) of data and the method(s) that were used to collect the data for the study.
• Explain how the social determinants of health were measured.
• Identify the sources and types of bias that may have occurred based on the sample and the data required for analysis.
• Explain the type of analysis that the researchers used to determine the association between exposure(s) and health outcome(s).
• Explain the results of the study in your own words. Identify the more significant findings, including the measures of association (based on the study design).
• Explain, in your own words, the conclusions of the study.
• Identify at least one recent news event that relates to the health issue the study addressed.
• Explain, in your own words, the practical applications that the research study has for the health issue it studies.
• Explain, in your own words, the practical applications that the study has for the field of epidemiology.
• Propose at least two recommendations you have for future research, based on the findings of this study.
Note: Your Assignment should be 2–3 pages in length with in-text citations and references. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources. Ensure that your in-text citations and references are in APA format. For more information on APA style, use the following Walden University resource:

“Social Determinants of Health” article link:


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