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Topic: Social Media essay


Essay Question

Use Abidin’s (2018) concept of ‘porous authenticity’ to analyse a social media practice. This concept was covered in the week 3 lecture and tutorial.

Abidin’s article: https://reallifemag.com/layers-of-identity/

Your essay should:

1. Identify a particular social media practice that you will use as a case study and the key types of communication involved in this practice.
2. Sample at least 5 examples of the above communication. Include these as either figures or extracts in your essay, for example:

Figure 1: An example of a Trump Image Macro (source: https://twitter.com/fccmal/status/923325787729727488)

I have words…I have the best words…..

Extract 1 : An example of a tweet containing a meme (source: https://twitter.com/zick61/status/965727490747412480)

3. Explain the key dimensions of ‘porous authenticity’
4. Use these dimensions in your case study to interpret the social media practice.
5. Analyse rather than simply describe your examples in your case study.

Please use APA format:

There is not a particular number of references that are required. References should only be used to support a particular point that you are trying to make. Note that the main focus of the essay is analysing a social media practice so any references that you use should be in the service of either explaining or applying the concept of porous authenticity.


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