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Topic: Special Education

Acquiring reading skills is one of the central difficulties of students with learning disabilities. Unfortunately, more than 80% of students with learning disabilities have reading problems and about 75% continue to have difficulties in the ninth grade. Of the 10% -15% of students who drop out of school, over 75% of them report having difficulties in learning to read (Lyon, 2003). The statistics regarding reading difficulties are staggering and highlight the need for effective early interventions to address reading difficulties among young children. 

Pablo is in your inclusive classroom and has difficulty in reading. 

1. Identify ONE specific area of difficulty for Pablo (See Key reading components in Week 10 folder). 

2. Discuss how the difficulty impacts Pablo’s ability to learn in your subject area. Provide specific examples. 

3. Discuss ONE specific strategy you would use to help Pablo be successful in your subject area. Cite sources and include references in APA format.

My subject area is High school British Literature.


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