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Topic: Special interest groups and their involvement in Texas legislature.

GOVT 2306-Texas Essay

Paper Guidelines:
Each Student is required to write a 4 page essay on a topic of Texas government. The topic may be the student’s personal choice and must be approved by the instructor. The topic essay is worth 200 points of final grading. It is STRONGLY recommended that students have their topic approved by the instructor.
The Texas Essay will be due November 01, 2019 by 11:59 p.m. Papers must be submitted electronically via Ecampus.
Each paper must include:
-Thesis statement
-Research Question
-Times New Roman Font
-Double Spaced
-12 point font size
-1 Reference Page (4 references)
-3 Peer Reviewed Sources
-1 web/newspaper/media source
The Texas Paper is designed to help you analyze an issue/subject by thinking critically. In each paper you will choose a topic of interest to you (i.e. abortion, Texas Governor, interest groups). The topic must concern Texas government.
You will create a question that analyzes an area of your topic. For example-with abortion as a topic- a research question might be: How have the recent changes in Texas’ abortion laws affected women in the state?
This is not an argumentative essay, Meaning, you will not only present opinions expressed within peer reviewed sources. Instead, you will use the research and conclusions of these sources to make an educated response for your question.


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