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Topic: Stone Cold – Robert Swindells


The novel is ”Stone Cold- by Robert Swindells” is to write a review about it.
The review consists of two important parts. Firstly, there is a summary where you in short retell the story of your novel. Secondly, your opinion of the novel in a review.
I attached an image with information and details about the task.
There is also questions which can be as a guide to write the review.

I could not find an online edition for the novel, but i paste here a link to know exactly which one it is: https://www.pluggedin.com/book-reviews/stone-cold/

Read the information I attached carefully and ask whenever and whatever you want if you have any wondering.

I am not looking for high level language, so make it is and simple as possible. to be comfort to read and understand. (less than high school english level)


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