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Topic: strategic analysis Management Research Paper


You are the Human Resource Director for a premier supplier of rubber floor mats and matting that is expanding its production operations to Rockville,

MD. The organization is headquartered in San Antonio, TX. Based on the organization’s mission statement, the company’s goal is to provide top-quality 2

products with customer service that well exceeds expectations and with a strong commitment to continuous improvement. The following personnel are

required to start the Rockville operation (the numbers in parentheses indicate the number of positions):

• Director of regional operations

• Assistant to the director of operations

• Operations analyst (2)

• HR director

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment: Research Paper
Subject: Management
Pages/words: 8/2000
Number of Sources: 0
Academic level: Junior(college 3rd year)
Paper format: APA
Line Spacing: Double
Language Style: US English


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