Topic: Strategic HR Presentation Final Assignment

The purpose of this project is for students to create Strategic HR Plan. The graphics created for this assignment Students will choose or invent a company that you will use for this assignment. Students, for this paper will be referring to the article, Delivering Strategic Human Resource Management by Groysberg, McLean, & Revis (2006) starting on page 297 of the course text. Students will create a Balanced Scorecard for their company of choice. Recreating, completing and providing an explanation or justification for each of the figures: Exhibit 9a (pg. 317), 9b (pg. 318), 9c (pg. 319), 9d (pg. 320) and 9e (pg. 321), of the HR Balanced Scorecard will be the main components of this final presentation. The presentation should be created from the perspective of an HR professional to an Executive Board of Directors. It is recommended that students use any of the following technologies to create this presentation:

Google Slides:

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