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Topic: strategic review on the brand GoPro.


The purpose of the individual case assignment is to provide each student with an opportunity to research and apply strategic management concepts, content and creative problem solving to real world strategic situations. Each student will individually research and compose a compelling eight-page strategic review on the brand GoPro.

Grading Criteria will be:
25% – Research and Insights (presence of deep, relevant research into the brand and an understanding of its current dilemmas and opportunities)
25% – Analysis (application of strategy theory and integration of class concepts)
25% – Innovative Solutions: (Demonstration of evidence-based creative problem solving resulting in three proposed new growth strategies)
25% Organization: proper headings, good paper organization, solid punctuation, grammar, spelling and sentence structure

Each paper should examine GoPro in great detail and provide the following sections.

– Introduction
– History and background of the brand
– The key business strategies that have guided the brand in recent years
– Current environmental assessment – secondary and primary research of the brand
– Financial performance review for the past three years
– Three proposed high-level strategies that will drive future growth over the next five years. Each strategy should have a key performance measure linked to it.
– Conclusion

Each paper should use APA or MLA style for citations and references. (No fewer than ten references.)

please, this is the class material online link I have created:



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