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Perform Internet research to learn about IKEA’s strategies for expansion. Then thoroughly answer these questions in essay form using minimum of 1200 words

1) Explain, entirely in your own words, five (5) reasons that firms pursue international strategies. (15 points)

2) Compare and contrast IKEA’s strategies for entry into the United States with those that IKEA employed for expansion into either a) the United Kingdom, b) Germany, or c) Russia. (15 points)

3) With what cultural differences did IKEA have to contend when entering China? What adjustments did the company make, in particular, to accommodate Chinese customs and traditions? (25 points)

4) Now that IKEA has been in China for more than a decade, some analysts believe that the company continues to face some major challenges. Describe these problems, and delineate some recommendations that you would make to assist IKEA in addressing these issues. (25 points)

5) China and India seem to be at the forefront of many companies’ future global strategic plans. What other emerging international market (i.e. country) do you think will prove quite important in the future? Thoroughly justify your response with concrete details. (20 points)

Please use the attached chapter notes to formulate answers in addition to the internet research. I have also attached the assignment instructions for additional information that will be helpful in the research.


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