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Topic: Supply chain management and outsourcing


REPORT style writing –
Logistics and Supply Chain Manager for a UK-based household furniture manufacturer and wholesaler with a few retail outlets. The company is over 200 years old and needs to improve its competitiveness as the number of companies selling household furniture in the UK market has increased over the past decade. The CEO and the Board of the company have requested that you prepare a report with some suggestions for improving the competitiveness and profitability of the company using logistics and supply chain management solutions.
The company manufactures and wholesales domestic household furniture in the UK. They also have a few retail outlets in larger cities in England and Scotland. No supplies or products are imported from outside the UK, and the company is very proud of its “British Made” identity. The market for both manufacturing and retail sales of wooden furniture in the UK has become more competitive. The CEO wants you to identify the possible ways that changes in the management of logistics and the supply chain in this company could improve its competitiveness. The Board also wants you to propose a range of alternative solutions that could improve their relationship with their suppliers as well as with their customers.

Prepare a comprehensive report that addresses the issues:
QUESTION 1: Discuss how the company’s supply chain could be modified to improve their performance for their customers without resulting in any significant increase in costs. Hint: there are two types of customer in this supply chain. You need to consider the differing supply chain strategies studied in class and consider the trade-offs between these strategies.
QUESTION 2: The CEO has heard about ‘outsourcing’ successfully used by other companies to reduce costs. Critically discuss the potential to introduce outsourcing into the supply chain of this UK-based company. Make sure you identify the impact of any changes if the company was to adopt this approach.

– Postponement vs. Speculation
– Lean vs. Agile
– Outsourcing vs insourcing

Harvard referencing, please


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