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Topic: Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management

Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management

1.1 A description of a least two purposes of performance management and their relationships to business objectives

1.2 An explanation of at least three components of performance management systems

1.3 An explanation of the relationship between motivation and performance management with reference to at least 2 motivational theories

500 words

On 1.1:
· Establish a ‘high-performance’ culture to help achieve organisational objectives in a planned way
· Align individual objectives to organisational objectives to ensure that individuals uphold corporate goals
· Define individuals’ expectations within role and work context
· Develop capacity of people to meet and exceed expectations and achieve their full potential
· Motivate employees through positive and constructive feedback and discussion i.e. career aspirations
· Identify strengths, weaknesses and personal development needs as well as any employee concerns
· Identify evidence of and address any unsatisfactory performance (conduct or capability)
· Agree forward-looking objectives and action plans
· Help the manager in talent management and succession planning

The above are in week 1 of the VLC, the ones in the Assessment week guidance are:
• Setting objectives.
• Reviewing performance against those objectives.
• Identifying development needs
• Setting new objectives.
Make sure you tie in with the business objectives. For example
“One purpose of performance management is to motivate employees through positive feedback. This will ensure that the employee feels part of the organisation and will understand how their objectives fit in with the organisation’s. A key element to the motivation will be the development of the employee and the performance management process should identify the development needs. These should contribute towards their and the organisation’s objectives to develop high performance working practices and a high performing sustainable organisation.”
You would need to develop a little plus include a further purpose.
On 1.2
· Induction and socialisation
· Reviewing and appraising performance
· Reinforcing performance standards
· Counselling and support

The above are in week 1 of the VLC, the ones in the Assessment week guidance are:
• Factors affecting individual performance.
• Factors affecting team performance.
• Training & development.
• Job descriptions.
• Informal and formal reviews.
• Setting objectives.
• Appropriate policies and procedures.
• Performance Management data.
For example:
“One component of a performance management system is reviewing and appraising the employee’s performance against set objectives which tie in with the organisation’s. The review can be either informal or formal………………..”
You would need to develop and include a further 2 components


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