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Topic: Sustainable Business Practices: A Responsive approach towards climate change by developed countries.


Title of your research
Make it intriguing –

Provide a brief description of what the proposed research topic is about and how you came to be interested in it, following the elements of a Proposal document.

Statement of the Problem
Detail the problem that you are considering. Write a Statement of the Problem following the elements of a Proposal document. Make sure you address the following questions as well:
• Why is this topic important?
• Why does this research need to be conducted?

Purpose of the Study
Detail the purpose for your study. Write a purpose section following elements of a Proposal document. Make sure you address the following questions as well:
• How are you defining and delimiting the specific area of the research?
• What it is that you hope to learn by conducting this research?
• How might your research contribute to our understanding of the issue, or be useful?
• Discuss the anticipated outcomes and benefits to the researcher, the organization, or society.
• What is the scope of your research? Is the Scope reasonable?

Research Question
Provide focused research questions which will be the subject of your final Research Proposal. Draft the questions following section 4 of The elements of a Proposal document. Also provide a back-up question in case the first one does not pan out.

If you decide to do Quantitative research you will have to provide Hypothesis which includes:
• The original claim that your research is making i.e., Null hypothesis.
• Alternative claim i.e., Alternative hypothesis
• Test and verify the phenomenon that you are studying.

Literaure review:

1. Research a minimum of 15 relevant literature sources (focus on material available in digital format only for this course). Carefully choose your 15 “keepers” that are clearly related to your study. (Note: you might need to find 30 to “keep” only 15).
2. Write a literature review section that summarizes what you found and evaluate the literature. State how the reviewed research results connected to your proposed study.
3. Critique and analyze the similarities and differences among the articles (e.g. different or the same point of views? different or the same research methods? why? etc.). Identify the gaps in the literature and provide recommendations for what needs to be done to move forward in your research. You will be using the information in this section in the final research proposal as well.
4. Design a literature table of the sources you have found for your Research Proposal. This table should help you organize your source materials in a way that will facilitate the organization and writing of your Literature Review.

Note: For the final research proposal, you need to review more than 15 literature sources. Aim for at least 30.

Note: Part 1 should be about 7-9 pages Maximum in length – excluding title page, literature mapping table, list of references and appendix. 5% deduction would be applied in case of excessive length. Late submission would result in 10% marks being deducted


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