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Topic: Swarm Tactics – Massed swarm vs Dispersed Swarm


It is a research report on simulation of Swarm Tactics – Massed swarm vs Dispersed Swarm
• The Requirements and Marking Criteria documents give the general information and expectations on the research report. The key is extensive research
• You need to cover all the points in the report outlines, and pay attention to the highlighted points in red colour (such as the mathematical equations or representations)
• The sample report gives some ideas about simulation and swarm tactics. The research report seems similar to the sample one. However, again, you need to do extensive research to write this research report as we need 15 references.
• At the end of the research report, you need to reflect back to the attached Assignment 1 report, which is also mentioned in the Requirements document.
o It is 8 pages of single line spacing
o figures and tables, references pages are excluded from page count.


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