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Topic: Synthesis of Strontium Iodate Monolydrat


To explain the difference between Method and Procedure, say you were going to cook some eggs for dinner. The METHOD you would use might be: Cook the eggs in boiling water for 10 minutes in a pot on the stove. The boiling water cooks the eggs by denaturing the proteins in the egg, causing them to become solid and opaque.

The PROCEDURE would be: Obtain a large cooking pot and fill with 2 liters of water. Place on the stove and heat on high until the water reaches 100C and is boiling. Add 4 eggs to the water and stir until the water returns to boiling. Boil for 10 minutes. Place a colander in the sink and pour the egg/water mixture into the colander to separate the water from the eggs. Pour cold water over the eggs to cool them. Peel the eggs and place them in a bowl to serve.

I want you to write the METHOD for the experiment, not the PROCEDURE. Be sure to state what is occurring chemically at each step.
Also they are in this experiment I used vacuum filtration Don’t write about gravity filtration.


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