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Essay Question: Discuss the use of career interest assessments in talent management. Define what career interests are, summarise how they are used, and say whether they are useful. Ensure that you reference scientific literature for any claims you make. (900 words)

American career guidance expert John Holland (j.holland) found in the research that different people have different personality traits, and different personality traits are suitable for different occupations.
Therefore, he pointed out that personality (including values, motivation and needs) is another important factor in deciding which occupation a person chooses. He also put forward the famous theory of occupational orientation and pointed out six basic “personality orientation” that determine an individual’s choice of occupation.

Interest is the psychological tendency that a person makes every effort to know and master something, and often participates in the activity.
People interested in a certain occupation will show a positive attitude towards the occupation. A person’s interest in a career or major is the primary issue in choosing a career or major, because if a person is engaged in the work he is interested in, he is likely to give full play to his enthusiasm and work hard to do well, and he can also get satisfaction from work, feel very happy. On the contrary, if a person engaged in a kind of very don’t like to work, he can not actively to do, even sometimes unconsciously in a passive, negative, drag the work attitude, and therefore often get leadership and colleagues praise, even with their conflict on the job, thereby deepening the work of bored and feeling of depression, lose the whole life gorgeous color.

American scholar Holland (Holland) of vocational interest theory is that person’s personality type, interest is closely related to the professional, interest is the driving force for people activities, those who have professional vocational interest, can raise people’s enthusiasm, encourage people actively and happily engaged in the profession, and there is a high correlation between vocational interests and personality.
Holland believes that personality can be divided into six types: realistic type, research type, artistic type, social type, entrepreneurial type and conventional type.

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