Topic: Telemedicine


A key portion of the paper is for you to discuss three (3) strategies that leaders will need to embrace and manage the technology. See the requirements below for specifics on form and style.

Telehealth (You may use Telemedicine
Requirements for the paper:

Level 1 APA Headings Required for the Final Paper

Abstract (1/2 page)
Should be no more than 150 words and is typically written after the entire paper is complete.
Introduction & Background (2 pages maximum)
Include the Research or Thesis Question in this section
Literature Review (2 -3 pages)
Benefits & Challenges (2 -3 pages)
Leadership Strategies (3 pages)
Conclusion (1/2 page)
(As many pages as needed since this does not count in the page limits)
Page Count: Minimum 10 – Maximum 13. These exclude the APA Title Page and References List. (Counts over or under will incur point deductions) | Font: 12 point

Spacing: Double Spaced | Margins: 1 inch all sides | Title Page: APA | Running Head | Pages Numbered – Justified to the bottom center

ALL Formatting & Citations: American Psychological Association 6th Edition

Additional Items to Note: Grammar, Sentence Structure, Proper verb tense, & Spelling are all being graded as well. Attention to detail is critical; put your best work forward!

This paper should include a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed sources (e.g. journals). Textbooks maybe included but as an FYI are not peer-reviewed.
Peer-reviewed sources used in this paper cannot be more than 5 years old.
Do not cite or use Wikipedia, general websites, blogs, or online magazine articles, or opinion pieces. Sources must be peer-reviewed!

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