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Topic: term paper fields of practice: Children, Indigenous Peoples, Immigrants and Refugees, LGBTQTS People with Disabilities, Aging Populations


Pick one of the following fields of practice:
Indigenous Peoples
Immigrants and Refugees
People with Disabilities
Aging Populations

In a 10 page paper (not including title page or references) discuss the following:
• The history of social work intervention in this field of practice in Canada
• Contemporary practice issues, including identifying the programs and resources which are available as well as unmet needs
• Ethical concerns when working with this population
• Your opinion about what changes should take place in order to ensure effective and ethical practice in this field of practice. These need to be specific, concrete, and realistic.

APA format
At LEAST three academic sources (Peer reviewed journals, academic books, not including your textbook)
Times New Roman, 12 points
2.54 cm margins


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