Topic: tesol- curriculum case study

dear writer,

please use references from textbooks or workshop readings include in the course handbook
the descriptions of this work is in course handbook

i think there are some changes need to be done in this paper.
firstly, the case study is about the BBL course in a japan university. but the whole paper is talking about japan EMI. please check this website
all the information about bbl course is on this website and there is a movie about this course.
and also on page 25 in the course handbook says

Case Study : Bilingual Business Leadership Programme (BBL) in Japan
○ journal articles
○ materials powerpoint
○ Video introducing the programme
○ Needs analysis materials
○ Syllabus and textbook
○ Goals and Objectives brochure

2,the course handbook says” It is 2,500 words. Make sure that you give equal weight to each of the five sections: this amounts to about 500 words for each.” so i think the recommand changes and evaluations are too short.