Topic: The Economics Summative

This course examines current Canadian and international economic issues, developments, policies, and practices from diverse perspectives. Students will explore the decisions that individuals and institutions, including governments, make in response to economic issues such as globalization, trade agreements, economic inequalities, regulation, and public spending. Students will apply the concepts of economic thinking and the economic inquiry process, as well as economic models and theories, to investigate, and develop informed opinions about, economic trade-offs, growth, and sustainability and related economic issues.

Students will develop ways of thinking about economics through the application of these concepts and will use the economic inquiry process as they gather, interpret, and analyze data and information relating to issues of economic importance. Students will make informed judgements and draw conclusions about local, national, and global economic issues.

Gregory Mankiw (is an American macroeconomist, who is currently the Robert M. Beren Professor of Economics at Harvard University. Mankiw is best known in academia for his work on New Keynesian economics and for his famous textbook Principles of Macroeconomics. Thischapter link is from the 2nd Canadian edition of this text and is focused on 5 debates over macroeconomic policy.

Your job is to prepare a 3-4-page analysis of one of these debates through some combination of research, graphical analysis, data review and opinion. You must present a comprehensivereview of the issue and must choose one side of the debate. You will need to refer to the rubric and the summative timelines which are posted on Canvas. There are a series of check-in meetings during the summative period which are important to ensure that your work is on track and properly focused.

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