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Topic: The giving and receiving of gifts


Title: What cultural and ethical issues are involved in the giving and receiving of gifts, and how should multinational companies address them?

You should make it clear in the introduction to your paper what is the approach to the question. The paper should then explore the question in relation to the specific angle that you have chosen. It should apply relevant theory from the field of cross-cultural management and show the implications and relevance of the issues for management practice.

Based on:

• perceived relevance and interest of the content
• demonstration of presentation skills
• liveliness and originality.
You should focus on a particular aspect that you think other students will find interesting and informative.

Your paper should:
• Be presented in the form of an academic paper, with correct referencing
• Be interesting and well-focused on a specific angle/issue (the aims and the scope of the paper are clear)
• Draw on relevant, up to date sources including articles from academic journals
• Be clearly structured and presented
• Draw on relevant theory of cross-cultural management
• Make clear the relevance to business or management practice
• Be concisely and clearly written

I would like to discuss with the wtitter the rest of questions which I will have.


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