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Topic: The History of Gunpowder and its Affect on Later Technologies


It is relatively straightforward to find and communicate a timeline of developments leading to a particular device or technology. For instance, googling ‘development of cellphones’ will provide enough information and images to create a report on the major milestones in the evolution of the cellphone. But if there is one main conclusion from the video series in this course, it is that technologies almost never evolve in straight lines. There are always unpredictable and unanticipated developments that play a crucial part. There are many more such interesting conclusions or themes we have identified during this course that seem to be connected with the ways technologies develop and affect our lives. Addressing these themes is what gives weight to the project. A project that brings out and elaborates on these themes would score much higher than another that provides and essentially provides a timeline even if it goes into a lot of detail.


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