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The Impact of School Culture and Climate on middle school Students.


Hi, Included/uploaded TWO example papers that the teacher provided. My topic is the Impact of School Culture and Climate on middle school Students.

The theory that I want you to sue is Ecological Systems Theory.

I am also providing for you the 15-literature review articles that you are reviewing, if you having literature review that are more suitable for the topic you can use it.

Written Assignment #2
Introduction and Literature Review

2) Your literature review which includes ):

a. Background – A more detailed discussion of your population and the issue you are addressing in the context of this group.

 If possible, bring in U.S. Census data, or other national, state, or county data that can provide a context for understanding your population or your topic.

 Consider providing brief historical information. If you are focusing on a policy or practice, consider providing background on the development of the policy or practice from an historical perspective. When did the policy or practice begin and how has it evolved? If you are focusing on a social problem, when it begin, and how has it evolved?

b. Theory – Identifying and explaining a specific theory and exactly how it provides a foundation and explanation of the issue and factors you are studying.

 The theory section provides a framework for understanding your topic.

 Please make sure to clearly define the theory you are using and a rationale for why and how it applies to your topic.

c. “Body” Sections – Major subsections usually organized according to your model (i.e. the variables or themes that you intend to study). Each subsection:

 Explains with evidence (i.e., an integrated review of relevant literature) the connection between the independent and dependent variable consistent with your hypothesis (if you are using quantitative) and/or how the themes relate to your research question (if you are using qualitative).

These “body” sections also discuss in an integrated fashion:

 The current status of the specific topic in the professional knowledge base, limitations of previous studies related to your topic, and how your proposed study will make a contribution to what is already known about your topic.

3) Minimum 15 references (2 points).

4) Appendix: a list of quantifiable variables and/or qualitative themes you are investigating (2 points).

5) Overall WRITING style and quality, including APA FORMAT (5 points).

a. Please edit carefully and follow these guidelines:
i. Consistent use of complete sentences
ii. Correct use of grammatical constructions, punctuation, sequencing (paragraphing), referencing, hyphenation, spelling, headings, capitalization, pagination, abbreviations, and margins.
iii. Appropriate content, clarity, conciseness, and style.
iv. Neat appearance
v. Follow all APA guidelines (make the headings and sub-headings exactly like the examples provided at the end of these directions and use the title page format that is provided in your syllabus.

Below is a summary of what is included in this Assignment #2.

Title Page [Include a title page]
Literature Review [Written Assignment #2]
References [15 references minimum]
Appendices [Written Assignment #2]


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