Topic: The Importance of Communication in Aviation

Research Project Instructions
For this course, you will be submitting a research paper based on predetermined subject areas.
This research project will provide an opportunity to examine an instructor-approved issue in aviation psychology using the appropriate available literature. In previous classes, one student explored fatigue and its effect on aviator decision-making (the human factors involved with CFIT accidents), while another explored the effects of lower altitude hypoxia on pilot performance.
For this research paper, you will need to examine an instructor-approved issue in aviation
psychology using scholarly literature. Your topic will need to relate to one of the following
subject areas:

  1. The inter-disciplinary nature of aviation/aerospace psychology and its various fields of
  2. The role of organizational factors on aircrew operations, operational effectiveness, and
    flight safety.
  3. The impact of individual behavior, such as alcohol consumption, on human performance,
    and flight safety.
  4. Human error: the systems perspective, latent causes, and prevention strategies.
  5. Behavioral analysis and learning theories: aviation/aerospace applications.
  6. Human factors engineering principles: how crew station design can impact system
    function, human performance, and flight/ground safety.
  7. Cognitive information processing as it relates to aeronautical decision making, and its
    impact in determining mental workload, stress level, and situational awareness.
  8. The effects of advanced automation, crew resource management, and simulation training
    on aircrew performance.
  9. The history and current status of aircrew selection methods and procedures and their
    relationship to the research on pertinent knowledge, skills and abilities.
  10. Current trends in organizations, technology, and personnel from an aviation/aerospace
    psychology perspective.
    Research Project Component Schedule:
    Researching and writing is an iterative process. Therefore, throughout this course, you will
    submit specific components of your research paper to your instructor for feedback. The
    submission of components is listed below.
    • Module 2: Research topic approval
    • Module 3: Submission of detailed outline
    • Module 5: Submission of preliminary Literature Review
    • Module 7: Submission of first draft of your paper (Introduction, Literature Review, and
    Conclusion sections)
    • Module 8: Submission of final version of your paper
    Research Paper Formatting Requirements:
    • Formatting: Follow APA 6
    th edition formatting, including abstract (Not to exceed 250
    words), and title and references pages.
    • Times New Roman, 12-Point Size Font
    • A Conclusion
    • Page Requirement: Paper should be a maximum of 15 pages APA formatted (not
    including title page, abstract, and references section).
    o Note: Graphics, Tables, and Figures do not count toward the 15 pages of text and
    • References: Use scholarly journal articles. Paper should contain 5-7 reference sources
    minimum. All references are properly cited.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research Paper
Pages / words-12 / 3300
Number of sources-7
Academic level-Doctoral
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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