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Topic: The importance of Relationships in Negotiation

I have attached a Word Doc of transcript of the video I was supposed to watch. I was not able to link directly to the video because it was on an internal school site.

After watching the video, answer the following questions in your initial post:

While this video relates to sales, what are the key takeaways for the importance of relationships in negotiation?
Similarly, how do trust and fairness affect a person’s reputation?

Now, think about your own relationships (e.g., family, friends, coworkers, classmates you have negotiated with in this class, etc.). Then, answer the following questions in your initial post:

First and foremost, have your negotiations with these individuals been primarily distributive or integrative? Explain why you believe this is the case.
Next, provide an example of when a relationship was enhanced or damaged.
What role did you play in helping to enhance or damage that relationship?
What role did trust and fairness play in this exchange?
If the relationship was in fact damaged, was it ever repaired? If so, what specific tactics did you use to repair this relationship?


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