Topic: The Manager Assignment essay

Principle of management Assignment.

Assignment details:

  1. Detect the manager in you: type of manager, style, skills… (Use the PowerPoint that I upload for that). (it does matter for me, feel free to make any assumption as long as it is credible.) (300 words). Add Additional graphs, pictures, plans (anything if you can)
  • Suppose that a manager shares with you their experience with failure and success within an organisation (Hint: for that, please check what is a typical failure and success),

Question: How will this influenced the manager in you (chosen in the firstquestion) and what you decided to change to be a better manager in video.

In other words, share how this influenced the image of the future manager you want to become while considering the first managerial style you picked (Chosen on the first question)?(250 words).

This is not an essay, so I don’t any introduction or conclusions.

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