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Topic: The Pink Tax paper


 What enables price discrimination? Why do some firms price discriminate, but not all firms?
 Some firms are able to sustain price discrimination for long periods of time, but others are not.
What influences the longevity of price discrimination?

 What additional information would help Ms Kelley determine the most profitable strategy?
Identify at least two items.
 Is price discrimination ethical? Provide an argument that price discrimination is ethical and an
argument that it is not ethical.

Provide a well-written essay that covers the required components, plus other information you deem
relevant. You are not required to answer in the order the prompts are listed; organize your responses
in the way that makes the most sense based on your content.

An introduction and conclusion need not
be long but should be present.
The essay should be 650 to 800 words in length. Please double-space. Cite any direct quotations within
your essay. Provide an APA-style citation at the end


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