Topic: The social world of babies and toddlers


The assessed assignment is a review of literature of 1-3 specialised topics each structured to report in three sections (see a,b,c below). The expectation is that you will have a reading list of at least 17 items based primarily on module reading we have discussed together, and then extended from further reading independently selected

Imagine you are asked to contribute, as an expert, to a TV programme about babies and under threes. The programme producers have told you in advance that they would like your views selected from six questions. You will choose one to three from the following topics:

• Do we know anything about what babies themselves think? You can’t interview babies! But you can ‘listen’ by observing them and learn about them that way. What are the ways in which researchers have tried to observe babies and under threes?
• What have we learned from these different ways of observing (listening to) babies and under threes about how well adults listen, think about and respond?
• What do we know about babies and children under three engagement in peer and play culture, coming to know about others and about themselves in a rapidly changing multi-media-society?
• Can babies and children under three make friends, participate in groups, play, think and discover?
• What does research tell us about nursery practitioners’ emotions as they work with babies and children under three, for example the idea of ‘professional love’?
• What does research tell us about the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed for a professional working with babies and under threes (what do you think of the idea that a ‘well qualified practitioner’ is wasted in the baby room)?

Your assignment is of course a piece of academic writing, not the kind of language that you might use to speak on TV. However, imagine your assignment as a preparation for going on to TV. In other words, your assignment will be focused on an academic review.

You can address between one and three of the six topics above but not more than three as you will not otherwise be able to write in sufficient depth. For each one that you do address, you should write, in a critical academic format, about:

a. What research tells us about this question topic where researchers mainly agree;
b. What are some of the key differences between researchers on this question topic;
c. What your priorities for future research on this question topic would be.

So that might look like a 300-500 word introduction setting out the main concepts you are working with, followed by:
1 topic X 3000 word (approximately) report accounting for a, b and c above;
2 topics x 1500 word reports accounting for a, b and c above; or
3 topics x 1000 word reports accounting for a, b and c above.

A total of 3,500 words.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-13 / 3500
Number of sources-19
Academic level-Undergraduate
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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