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Topic: The ‘stimulus article’ approach – Describe how caregivers influence young children’s psychological development.

The assessments for this module begin with ‘stimulus’ material, often based on research published in peer-reviewed journals. This approach allows you to see how the module material relates to novel contexts and to current issues, such as refugee children, gang membership or screen-time for young people. By showing us you can be flexible with the concepts you have learned, we can assess what you know.

In the workplace, you may be asked to write a policy document, evaluate a potential intervention for your clients or comment on some aspect of current affairs. To do this well, you would need to draw on the evidence base from your degree.

The stimulus article approach prepares you for this, giving you practice in working with everyday material and judging its credibility.

Read the stimulus article.
Make notes on what you think are the main points.
Use the module material to take a critical view on the stimulus article.

Integrate this into the main body of your essay, which will be based on the module material.

Above all, we are looking to reward the qualities of a good academic essay: your answer will bring insight into the question being asked by using relevant evidence.


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