Students will analyse the role of Latin America countries and regional institutions in key issues relating global governance.

Students will examine the evolution and impact of different Latin America foreign policies and initiatives. Through different chapters, are analysed issues such as; the contribution of Latin America to the evolution of the international regulation of human rights; or the nuclear policies of the countries of Latin America, which have opted for the renunciation to develop nuclear weapons.

It also analyses the situation of illicit drugs trafficking and the internal and external factors that have made it one of the main problems in the region. Another topic under discussion is the evolution of Latin America’s position on international environmental governance and the disparities within different countries. The evolution of migration policies and the social effects of recent policy changes is also analyzed. The section closes with a chapter on inter-state security issues and another on the impact of transnational corporations in the region known as “multilatinas”.



Latin America in the World, part VI” (pp. 347 to 434, 87 pp.) 


This assignement consist in elaborate an essay of 1600 words (including footnotes, excluding bibliography). You should select ONE of following questions:

  1. Human Rights:

Explain the background of the Latin America contributions to the international protection of human rights.

Analyse the Inter-American Human Rights system and how it contributed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Evaluate the role of Non-Governmental Organisations in the promotion of democracy and Human Rights.

Prospects for the Future of the Human Rights protection in Latin America.

  • Nuclear Politics

Why have the countries of Latin America didn´t developed nuclear power infrastructures?

Which reasons can explain that Latin American countries haven’t developed nuclear weapons?

How affect not having nuclear weapons to the role of Latin America in the international security system?

What influence had Cuba on the issue of nuclear weapons in Latin America?

  • Drugs and Illicit trade

How influence the power Asymmetries in the scope and dimension of illicit drug trafficking in Latin America?

Which were the main policies developed by U.S. to fight drug trafficking in Latin America?

How affect illicit drugs trafficking the democratic governance in Latin América?

Are current antinarcotic policies efficient? How do you think they could be improved?

  • Environmental governance.

Had Latin America’s countries had ha unified role in the environmental protection international negotiations?

Which have been the role of non-governmental in Latin America environmental policies?

How does the exploitation of natural resources affect environmental protection policies in Latin America?

Which have been the environmental impact of trade and investments of China in Latin America?

  • Migration.

Which have been the main trends in recent migration flows in Latin America in the last decades?

How does the asymmetries influence Latin America migration flows and policies?

Do you think that regional integration helped to regulate the migrant flows in Latin America?

What kind of policies have Latin American countries developed towards the diaspora?

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