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Topic: Thesis Proposal

Thesis Title: How can data mining models assist family businesses in successful operations?

Introduction (Do not exceed 250 words in this section)
This should be kept very, very brief and outline what is to be addressed, what the purpose of the proposed research is, and where the research is located (context).

Research Questions & Objectives (Do not exceed 250 words in this section)
A clearly specified research question providing a focus for the research. The research question should be narrow and deep. One research question is preferred, but a maximum of two may be suitable if the questions are closely related. Objectives should be specified using the SMART or similar criteria.

Literature Review (This section should be approx. 1,250 words in length)
This should be a mini literature reviewwhich seeks to identify the current state of knowledge of the literature in the area within which your research question is located. You should identify key themes, strengths and limitations of existing literature and communicate understanding of where your research fits within this wider context.

Methodology (This section should be approx. 1,250 words in length)
This section needs to identify the key area areas that a methodology should address. This includes: research philosophy (ontology and epistemology), the research approach, the research strategy, time horizons and the data collection and analysis methods to be adopted. The work also needs to consider issues relating to reliability and validity (or their qualitative equivalents) and ethics.

The work should be professionally presented. Your text should be supported with citations through-out. Citation support and references should be Harvard style. The structure of the work should be logical and clear.


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