Topic: This Is Our Youth english essay


This assignment is based around Kenneth Lonergan’s play This Is Our Youth.

Lonergan’s play has been praised for any number of things: the realism and sharpness of its dialogue; his portrayal of confused, angry young-men; the sheer lostness of the characters, and how they seem to be navigating this portion of their lives with little to no concern for their futures.

Having said that, it isn’t exactly clear what the central message of the play is. For one, the play ends almost exactly the way it started: two guys hanging-out, smoking pot, and not doing much else. Thus, there isn’t a whole lot of change or growth in the play. Or maybe there is.

Nonetheless, this poses questions about what, exactly, the characters learn.

The assignment, then, is to write an essay about what you think the central message of the play is.

You may arrive at your answer through considering any of the following questions: What do the characters learn? What do you think is the central message, moral, or teaching of this play? What do you think Lonergan is suggesting here? Is this a cautionary tale about the perils of youth? Or is it exploring something about the difficulties of transitioning into adulthood?

Suggestions. It is imperative that you use textual evidence in this essay—i.e. you need to quote the text to support your thoughts and ideas. Any essay relying entirely on summary or paraphrase will automatically get a C.

not be accepted. All citations should be in MLA format. Please see the Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.) website for current guidelines to MLA format. Double-space your essay.  You do not need to include a Works Cited page unless you reference a work other than the materials that I have given you.

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