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Topic: Total Quality Management



– Marks will be allotted based on the assessment criteria as per the rubrics (if nay)
– Your lecture notes will give you the basic framework ONLY of the ideas, theories and concepts you will need to complete the assignment.

– You will need to make use of the required reading, extra references and any other material you come across in the course of researching your assignment.
РRemember, to give reference when using or you reproduce from other people’s work, details for each source you use.
– Present your assignment in minimum 5 pages.

– This is a descriptive essay from your side. ( run this in a Turnitin test to ensure anti-plagiarism prior to submission)


– Identify one existing business in the local market or search articles from the internet. Describe the role of employee involvement in their practice of product/service improvement. (6 marks)

– Discuss how this business recognize current trends in Total Quality Management (TQM) .

1081( 6 marks)

-Discuss how the business integrate the effectiveness of teamwork as a technique of quality



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