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Transition Resource

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This is a group work assignment – please get into a group of 2-3 people depend on students number in the class.

This assignment focuses on a resource that could be used within an early childhood centre to support children from home into and within early years child care settings. This assignment does not address the transition to school.

As a group you need to create your own resource. Although you may draw on existing resources you need to create something of your own.

Design a resource for early childhood educators working in settings with children from birth to 5 years of age, this resource is to support children, teachers and families who are transitioning from home into and within early years child care settings. The main purpose of the resource is to support these transitions and those involved with them. The resource can include images, diagrams, pamphlets, toys etc but it is important that these are used in ways that support teachers, children and families with transitions.

The assignment needs to include, relating to the resource:

a brief introduction that summarises the importance of transitions within early childhood settings for children and their parents, and the important role of educators
the challenges transitions can pose, identifying factors that can get in the way of children and parents making smooth transitions as they move into these new settings
Strategies and practices that support children, families and practices to make smooth transitions into new settings that links directly to your resource
a digital representation of the resource itself
Assessment Criteria

Content (40%)

understanding of key issues
ability to explain theoretical perspectives
understanding of the application of theory to practice
evidence of analyses and deep reading
Presentation and documentation:

evidence of academic researching (5%)
organisation and presentation of material, spelling, grammar, APA 6th edition referencing (5%)

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