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Topic: Tuna Fisheries in the Atlantic critical analysis


critical analysis part. The analysis needs to be a minimum of 10 pages.

– Analyze the resource management issue itself, the various actors including media’s coverage of it. Build an in-depth analysis of your resource issue by comprehensively discussing three or four key themes or trends (For example Conflict, Ecosystem Management, Civic Science, and Transactive Planning). Do not simply describe the case, you need to apply the theory to the case (in other words, this is not just a description of a media topic, it is YOUR analysis of it. (Approx 10 pages)

– For the sources, I requested 16 sources (preferably all from The New York Times if possible) since there isn’t a required number. (If it’s more or less than 16, that is alright).

For the format of the research paper (excluding references):
– Standard font size (Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12)
– Set margins at 1″ all around
– Line spacing at 1.5
– page numbers


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