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Topic: Understand how the organisation is structured,governed and managed.Appreciate the key external environmental constrains on a business


The business environment is divided into external and internal environment.Analysis of the business environment allows organisations and their employees to understand the context within which they operate.It enables organisations to develop their strategies and anticipate potential change.Therefore,understanding the business environment is crucial to success in today’s world.
Choose one company from the following list:
1.Schroders PLC
2.Barrat Developments PLC
3.Centamin PLC
4.Contour global PLC
5.Plus500 PLC

Task 1.Examine how your choosen company is governed and structured
Task 2.Evaluate the importance of carrying out PESTEL analysis for an organisation
Task 3.Use PESTEL framework to analyse the external environment of your choosen company

Good presentation,harvard referencing and grammar

Points to consider:
1.You must give a general overview of your choosen company,including its history,its organisational structure,and how is governed!How many directors are on the Board ,and how many of these are executive and non executive directors?Who is the Chairperson of the organisation and when was he/she appointed to the Board?
2.Evaluate the importance of PESTEL analysis for a business organisation.
3.Make a list of PESTEL factors that influence the environment of your choosen company,and discuss how these factors impact your choosen compsny
For all tasks you must illustrate your answers with relevant practical examples
Further Details:
This assignment must be completed individually as a management report,following the appropriate academic structure

Executive summary
Table of Contents
Main body
References list
2500 words This limit does not include the executive summary,tables,diagrams,appendices or references
You must hse Harvard referencing


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