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Topic: Undocumented Students in the Higher Education Environment


What do I want to investigate: Engaging and retaining undocumented students in the higher education environment

Ha: There is a relationship between the engagement and retention of undocumented students using support services.

h0: There is no relationship between the engagement and retention of undocumented students using support services.

Expected Outcome: It is expected that this evaluation will be able to correlate the engagement and retention of undocumented students and targeted support services.

Why have I chosen this problem: Each year, thousands of undocumented students attempt to enroll in college. Many give up due to the limited knowledge around immigration and college policies. And of those who are able to attend, most struggle due to the lack of support and resources – at times forced to drop out. As there are millions of young adults experiencing this predicament, it is imperative that strategies and initiatives be put in place within higher education institutions to accommodate them. They should receive the same level of support – if not more, than first-generation, international, multi-cultural, non-traditional, etc. student populations.

Literature: Previous research, sanctuary/inclusive campuses, undocumented/DACA–specific support/advising services, institution with established program – UC Berkeley

Methodology: Quantitative research – survey to UC Berkeley on the impact of interventions/support for undocumented students being served through the Undocumented Student Program (USP)

Conclusion/Discussion: (a) what the results mean to practitioners, (b) how individuals or groups might benefit from the research, (c) whether/how the results might influence programs, methods, and/or interventions, (d) what innovations may come about as a result of the research, (e) how the results contribute/impact social or economic problems, (f) suggestions for subsequent research that could arise from the potential outcomes of the research

• Abstract/executive summary
• Research goals and questions
• Hypotheses
• Anticipated methodology and expected outcomes
• 10+ sources

Page limits:
• Introduction: 1 pages
• Literature review: 6 pages
• Methodology: 3 pages
• Findings, outcomes and recommendations: 2 pages


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