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Topic: Us history


I’ve attached book log in info and requirements.
Unfinished history v7 is the book.

Pick three ques and 5 paragraphs per question please.
Chapter 5- The American Revolution
Question 1- What questions did the Second Continental Congress debate, and how did it answer them?
The Continental Congress played a vital role in the struggle for independence and the American Revolution against the British because it served as the government of the thirteen colonies from 1774 to 1789. The Congress met to respond to issues that had emerged in the battles of Concord and Lexington(Brinkley, 102).
The first question that the Second Continental Congress debated was the primary goal of colonies’ revolt against Britain. The Congress wanted to know if the thirteen colonies were merely revolting against the British government to have a change of governance or it the colonies wanted total independence. In response to the question, the Second Continental Congress adopted the “Olive Branch Petition,” which attempted to solve the differences between the colonies and England (Brinkley, 107).
However, the Congress failed to reach a consensus between the colonies and England and concluded that the intention of the colonies was to be free from the rule of Britain. Therefore, in July of 1776, the Congress declared all the thirteen colonies Independent.
According to Brinkley (107), the second and most important question debated in the Second Continental Congress meeting of 1775 was the issue of constitution considering that the thirteen colonies were governed by the British Parliament. The Congress answered the question by creating the Articles of Confederation, which acted as the first constitution of the United States.
The Continental Congress, both the first and the second, played an important role in shaping the Independence process of the thirteen colonies, which were consolidated to form the United States of America. The two important questions of independence and post-independence constitution were, therefore, adequately answered through the declaration of independence and creation of the article of confederation.
Question 2- What was theI of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense on Americans’ View of the War with Britain?
Thomas Paine was born in 1809, and his works focused on politics, religion, and ethics. Common Sense, a pamphlet published on January 10, 1776, was one of the most influential works because it impacted American’s view of the war with Britain (Brinkley, 107).
Unlike many Americans who blamed the British Parliament for the authoritarian rule of the thirteen colonies, Paine took a different approach. He asked Americans to relate the role that America played in the success of Britain buy, saying that the moon or satellite should never be allowed to rule the sun(Brinkley, 108).
Paine succeeded in branding the entire Britain government as corrupt because it is not only the parliament that allowed the much-hated ruler, King-George III, to be at the helm of the monarchy. The political thinker, therefore, said it was common SenseSense for Americans to shift their focus from parliament to the entire British government.
According to Brinkley (107), the aim of Paine was to ensure that the thirteen colonies were not merely seeking a change of government or improvement in the representation at the British parliament but rather a focus on the pursuit for total independence.
It can be concluded that Paine’s Common Sense acted as a source of knowledge and inspiration to the thirteen colonies, which shifted their focus from the single parliament to the entire British government. The pamphlet was well-timed because it came at a time when the colonies had begun a revolution against the government, yet the Continental Congress was considering the option of changing the leadership of parliament. Therefore, Common Sense helped in stressing the resolve of the colonies to be independent.
Question 3- What was the Purpose of the Articles of Confederation?
The Articles of Confederation was a document prepared by the Second Continental Congress in response to the American Revolution’s outcome of independence. The document wasprepared to serve two purposes (Brinkley, 107).
First, the thirteen colonies had not operated as a unit, and it was important to have a structure of government that could be centralized to serve all of them. Therefore, the Articles of Confederation was prepared to guide the colonies in the war because a central direction was necessary.
The second key role that the Articles of Confederation played was evident after the Independence declaration in 1776. Every nation requires a constitution to only help in the creation of a government structure but also to guide in the formulation of common values, goals, and aspirations of a people.
The document, therefore, helped the colonies to operate seamlessly by acting as the first constitution, which established the first official structure of government. Besides, the Articles of Confederation acted as a symbol of unity for all the thirteen colonies.
In conclusion, the decision by the Second Continental Congress to create the Articles of Confederation assisted the thirteen colonies in being united and the United States of America in forming a formidable government structure after the attainment of independence.
Work Cited
Brinkley, Alan. The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People, Book 1. 7th Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2013.


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