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Topic: Violence and Looting, a social vulnerability after Hurricane Katrina


Using a major disaster occurring in the United States (Katrina Included) analyze the following areas in terms of social vulnerability and its impact on Katrina victims: Violence and looting.

This case study analysis should follow the following format:
1. Definition and description of the one area you are investigating and how it relates to the disaster
2. An analysis of the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of the area you are investigating in addressing victims;
3. What we’ve learned about the area you are investigating.
4. Suggestions for improvement from a social vulnerability
perspective on the area you are investigating.
Do not address these areas generally in terms of the disaster you are investigating, all questions are related to the area you have chosen.

Write a a 2500 word minimum research paper in full APA format. This paper is a review of the professional literature on
your topic. As such, most of the paper will be information you have researched and this information should be properly cited. Use professional sources. Your paper must have a minimum of eight outside scholarly sources of which 5 must be journal


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