Topic: War and Theories: The Vietnam War


War. More concretely, discussion will focus on the causes of war, categories of war, the ways wars are fought etc. Worthy to mention is the fact that The Just War Tradition will constitute a crucial part of this block of sessions. The following are the subsection of these sessions:
 The Causes of War
 Categorizing Wars
 How Wars are Fought
 The Ethics of War: Just War Tradition(JWT):
o Jus in bello
o Jus ad bellum
o Jus post-bellum

The idea here is that one, after having chosen a subject, develops an argument (commonly known as the thesis statement, also), which is to be supported thoroughly, be it theoretically or with the empirical-based evidence. More importantly, and as a critical thinker, you are expected to confront your arguments with the counter-arguments, which means, with the evidence that refutes your main argument. Even more importantly, you are then required to provide a rebuttal (a counter-argument to the counter-argument you will discuss), which will invalidate the counter-argument and will support your main argument.
After having done this, the author then has to provide the arguments/evidence proving that ‘the counter-evidence is invalid and that his/her argument is more valid/accurate’.
One must put the theoretical approaches(theories) that deal with the topic one is discussing and then explain which one (and why) the author has chosen as a theoretical basis for this paper.
Of course, other topics and theories can be used, as well.

Structure: Your paper must be divided into the following sections:
introduction – here, one must shortly and precisely put the aim of the paper.
the body of the paper – the theoretical review and the discussion of the main arguments/counter-arguments are done here.
conclusion – the author should finally reiterate the main points discussed in the paper and identify the main difficulties and limits of the paper/arguments.

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