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Topic: Web Site Evaluation assignment


Using a search engine of your choice (e.g., Google or Bing), find two (2) Web sites that are acceptable for college-level academic research and contain information related to your research topic. Please note that for this assignment, you may not use any of the following types of sites:

UMUC library databases (may use for other parts of the research project – but not the second graded assignment)
Wikipedia or any other wiki site (do not use for any part of the research project)
Sites that require a subscription (do not use for any part of the research project)
For each web site that you present, provide the following:

A complete bibliographic entry (as you would include it in your bibliography) for the site, including the URL and your date of access. You should note that the required style for this class is Chicago Humanities Style (not the author/date variant). The Effective Writing Center created a short overview on using Chicago Humanities Style called “Brief Guide to Citing Sources in Chicago Humanities Style.” It includes a list of sources formatted in this style. The examples labeled N=footnote/endnote format and those labeled B=bibliographic entry. A copy of this guide is located n the Writing Resources section of Course Resources under Content of this LEO class site.
Write several paragraphs in which you include the following:
Describe the contents/purpose of the web site
Explain how the site relates to your research topic or what you found on the site that relates to your topic
Explain in detail how and why you determined the site is acceptable for use in an academic research paper
The following course outcomes apply to this assignments:

Locate, organize, evaluate, and use primary and secondary sources to describe U.S. historical events
Bring a logical and informed U.S. historical perspective to discussions of potentially controversial issues related to diversity


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