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Topic: Week 4 Course Project – Implementation Plan

Project Overview
You will be developing an implementation plan to establish policies and ethical standards for ACME Widget’s IT department. These policies and standards will be developed in milestones each module.
The basis for your project will be the ACME Widget Project Documentation that includes instructions for completing each milestone as well as the business objectives, ethical standards and some information about the technical infrastructure of the organization.
Acme Widget Manufacturing is a medium-sized business that produces widgets at four locations: New York, Phoenix, Atlanta and London, England. Acme’s worldwide sales for the past three years has been growing at an average rate of 4% with sales last year exceeding $3.2 billion.
Acme’s four locations each consist of two buildings. One building is for management, sales and support employees and the other is a manufacturing facility. Acme’s current technical infrastructure, while dated and lacking cohesive IT and ethics codes, is identical across sites, making the task of upgrade somewhat easier. While Acme has been a successful company, the IT infrastructure, policies and procedures have not kept up with company growth or industry best practices.
Please use the following documentation as you work through the project…
1. https://content.learntoday.info/Learn/CIS3574Cfw_Summer_17/media/appendixa.pdf
2. https://content.learntoday.info/Learn/CIS3574Cfw_Summer_17/media/appendixb.pdf
3. https://content.learntoday.info/Learn/CIS3574Cfw_Summer_17/media/appendixc.pdf
4. https://content.learntoday.info/Learn/CIS3574Cfw_Summer_17/media/appendixd.pdf

Course Project Week 4:
You will now submit a detailed implementation plan and timeline for your policies and code of ethics. Your plan must include the potential problems with implementation and how you plan to overcome them. Your implementation plan will include, at a minimum:
• Establish an implementation team and each member’s role.
• Identify tasks required in implementation and assign them to each role(s).
• Identify risks involved in the implementation. (This refers not to the risks that were developed for the framework but to the risks involved with a successful rollout of the policies and ethics frameworks.)
• Define and reference key documents needed in the rollout.
• Identify any software and hardware requirements relevant to the rollout.
• Define training requirements and a training plan.
• Develop a step-by-step timeline for each task in the implementation plan.
• Implement a metric or test to measure rollout success.
Any implementation plan will run into some problems, so it is very unlikely that none will be identified as you develop the plan. Be sure to include and address any difficulties that might transpire.


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