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Topic: Week11 – Court Observation Project Overview


Conducting forensic investigations is a part of IT security. No matter if the case is for criminal or civil, the way the IT person conducts themselves as well as the processes they follow can be introduced into court and/or the IT person can and will be subpoena to testify on a case.
Understanding court proceedings will greatly help the IT person or forensic investigator learn what the process is for a trial and can be better prepared in the event they are subpoena to appear.
Things to keep in mind when you arrive at the courthouse.
• Arrive early as you will be required to process through a metal detector.
• Before the Judge enters the court, contact the Bailiff and inform them you are a student and there to observe court procedures.
• Be sure your phone is on silent and put away. Do not get your phone out during court, unless you feel you need to be sanctioned by the Judge.
• Do not wear a cap into court, the Bailiff will ask you to remove it.
• When the Judge enters the court, the Bailiff will ask all to rise. Stand until the Judge instructs everyone to be seated.
This project is due no later than week 10 of the quarter and is worth 100 points as research.
Using the URL (Uniform Resource Locater) of http://www.nebraska.gov/courts/calendar/index.cgi select County Court, then choose the County or District court to visit (for example Sarpy or Douglas) and search by date. District court is preferred, but the goal is to lean about court procedures. Choose a date you would be available to attend a trial (criminal trial is preferred) and observe the process/proceedings used during court.
If you don’t live in the Omaha/Bellevue area, check with the County Court Clerk or the District Court Clerk if the docket is online.
deliverable product.
The deliverable is what did you learn from the experience will be due the last week of the term. At the minimum, the following must be addressed. Do Not just generally outline the court proceedings.
• What did you not know about court?
• What misconceptions did you have about court?
• What processes or procedures you thought you knew, but are different?
• You should describe the case and parties involved in the case and how the judge conducted the trial/hearing.
The following are requirements:
• Format: Microsoft Word
• Font: Arial, 12-Point, Double- Space
• Citation Style: APA
• Length: 1–2 pages (plus a cover sheet)
• Proofread and edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.
• Written in third person.
NOTE: Watching a television show is not acceptable. Shows to include Judge Judy are produced for entertainment and normally will not follow what you would experience in a real court. The purpose of the assignment is to experience the court.

Dear writer,
This is One-Page essay format assignment (275 words = one page, pictures, diagram, in-text citation are not counted as word count). Please provide proper citation, check punctuations, spelling, grammar and avoid using repeat words.


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