Topic: what is a species

what is a species

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Scientists have been classifying living organisms into their most similar groupings since Aristotle, and they are still naming new species, even arguing about how to decide what a species is yet today. How do we discover and name new species? What makes defining a species so difficult? How do species change over time? Let’s explore!


In a new post, do the following:

Look up a scientific news article on the discovery or naming of a new species from a reliable source at the library. Check out the Biology Research Guide to learn about what makes a source reliable.

You might want to check out the Science in Context database or the Science Reference Center. You might try searching for these keywords: new species or species discovery.

In your initial post, tell us the following information about the new species you have chosen to research:

What new species is the article talking about? Give it a new scientific name, and tell us what kind of plant/animal/microbe it is. What category does it generally fit into (e.g., sharks, deep-sea fish, yetis)? Include a picture of it if you can.

Why did the scientists from this study think this organism deserved to be in its own species?

What can you tell (if anything) about how the species and populations within those species changed over time from both an ecological and genetic level?

Give the name of one of the scientists who studied it, probably someone mentioned in the article. What institution are they affiliated with (e.g., university, etc.)? Can you tell what mechanisms they used to study speciation and population? If so, describe them.

Type the name of your chosen scientist into Google, and find their research website. How do they describe their research? What kinds of things do they typically work on? Give a link to their website.

Scientists have been arguing about what defines a species for quite some time. The biological species concept (BSC) is the most commonly used definition of a species. This does not mean it is always the best one for a given situation.

Do some research, and find three other species concepts other than the BSC.

In a second post, define them, and give an example of a group of organisms for which they might be useful.

Now let’s get really nerdy. Go to Google Scholar, and search for your three species concept types. Note: It works best not to type in the whole thing; for example, instead of “_ Species Concept,” just use “_ Species,” (you fill in the blank).

What is the title of the first relevant paper that pops up? In what year was it written? Repeat for the other two species concepts.

Which of your chosen species concepts had the most relevant results? Which had the most recent papers? What do you think that means about the interest by researchers into each species concept?

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