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Topic: What Is Performance Management?


What Is Performance Management?

Most organizations track their performance in areas such as sales numbers, social media engagement, and financial performance, to name a few. This tracking helps clarify how these areas are actually performing compared to what they want to be accomplishing with respect to organizational goals.
This same idea is true for the employees of the organization.

A properly executed performance management system allows management and employees to establish both individual and organizational goals and measurements, and even create career progression plans, aligning all of these to the organization’s strategic plan.

Take time to review the weekly Learning Resources and reflect on your own experiences with performance management systems. Then, apply what you have learned and explore this week’s Discussion questions with your colleagues.

In a paper detail the following:
Explain performance management, its evolution, and the role it plays within an organization.
Describe 2 advantages of implementing a well-designed performance management system.
Explain at least 3 purposes of a performance management system.


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