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Topic: What is the effect of hypernormalisation on viewer reaction to contemporary imagery


This is a dissertation on Graphic Design.
A question that always intrigued me is “what makes a viewer react?”There are so many topics, big society issues/concerns being presented daily on visuals “why arent people moved still?” Thinking and research on the subject brought me upon the idea of hypernormalisation and its applications throughout the years. Mainly focusing on how this is expressed through audio and visual means.
During my literature review, I realised that in most cases, hypernormalisation has been the outcome of creating terror and unknown situation for societies and their people, hatching the perfect environment for people to be more likely to believe anything they hear just because of the misled trust.
However, there are other ways of triggering the variety of feelings to the viewer and still get the desired reactions. This is what I aim to explore through the dissertation.
There should also be a part of the dissertation around the link with sociology/psychology/consumer behavior.
It is essential for the reader to understand both perspectives; those of the designer- what the designers need to do to have the best/desired reaction, what is the viewers point of view.


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